We at Leggero like to walk the talk. Living by our principles is more important to our ethos than talking about them. So here are a few things that we have adopted to make our impact on the environment a little lighter:

  • Local suppliers - wherever possible we source our produce from local, independent suppliers. This not only allows us to manage our inventory better by reducing waste but it's also a chance to support local economies. It also means our produce travels very little before it reaches your plate.
  • In our kitchen we never throw away anything that might be reused. That includes our dough. If we have some left-over from making one type of pasta it never ends up in the bin. We will reuse it to make another dish. 
  • All of our production processes are monitored to ensure that we reduce the use of plastic wherever possible along the chain. This not only prevents our waste ending up in landfill and oceans but it also helps us sleep better at night.
  • Our packaging is entirely recyclable and 100% compostable. This is a commitment that is important to us. Where they're not compostable we encourage you to reuse and repurpose them.
  • Leggero's admin is mostly carried out digitally. We never print things unnecessarily and all of our staff have committed themselves to this way of working.