The Italian word leggero translates to English as light. And shining a light on exquisite, tempting and heavenly food is what we do. We are a dynamic yet diverse group of strangers who became friends over our shared love of Italian food. Together we created Leggero - the UK's very first Italian gluten-free food concept with a cosmopolitan twist thrown in to reflect the vibrancy of London.


Inspired by long meals shared with family we created dishes using our unique flour to curate a menu that is entirely gluten-free. Sourced, prepared and cooked with the same passion as you would find in an Italian kitchen Leggero presents a healthier, lighter offering with no compromise on taste.

We celebrate Italian culture from hand-made pasta, freshly-baked bread to al fresco dining. Our The Brompton pub is perfect for long lingering meals with friends. You can also visit us at Mercato Metropolitano, Elephant and Castle, and enjoy our take on Italian street food.

our   story

Our first restaurant La Polenteria in Soho opened in 2014. As the name suggests it served a menu based on polenta. It was from this initial time, spent in Soho, that we discovered the need for an entirely gluten-free eatery. As one customer after another inquired if the food on our menu was gluten-free (which at the time it wasn't) we were convinced to create London's first gluten-free, all-day food concept with a cosmopolitan twist. And so we set about doing just that.

Along the way, our team got bigger but our challenge remained the same; creating gluten-free food that would live up to Italian taste buds. At every step of research and development, both in Italy and the UK, just one thing stood out - no one had heard of gluten-free Italian food. Finally, after a long and continuous improvement UK's very first entirely gluten-free all-day Italian food concept Leggero was born. The date was 21st of March 2017.

Since then we have worked hard to bring what we assure you to be honest, authentic food, that we grew up with in our native Italy. From freshly-baked bread to hand-made pasta, delicious sauces and sweet treats all made using our signature gluten-free flour. Our ethos is always retaining the authenticity of our food.

We are pleased to add that Leggero now boasts two premises; The Brompton, London and Mercato Metropolitano, Elephant Castle. As we move forward we've naturally progressed to the next stage of Leggero's journey. Our aim now is to create an entirely sustainable lifestyle around our brand. We are extending our product range to include new gluten-free food items, eco- friendly household items and health and wellness products and services; all of which will help build a Leggero community in London. As we take the next exciting steps into the future we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.