Gluten-free red pepper arancini

Posted by Leggero

For the sauce :
1 onion
3 red peppers
4 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil
For the rice base:
200grams arborio rice
1 tablespoon white vinegar
750 ml vegetable stock or water
50grams parmesan cheese
For the arancini:
100 grams gluten-free breadcrumbs
70 grams gluten-free flour
2 eggs
  • Preheat to 200C.

  • Chop red peppers and onion.
  • Place in a pan and let them cook for 20 min in a bit of water. When the water evaporates add a little more. Repeat this twice during the cooking.

  • Place water and vinegar in a pot and bring to boil.  
  • Add the rice stirring occasionally. Simmer until the water has completely reduced and the rice is sticky and thoroughly cooked. 
  • Add cooked veggies to the rice and mix in.  
  • Add cheese and stir in. Allow to rest and cool completely.

  • While risotto is cooling, place breadcrumbs, flour, beaten eggs in three separate bowls.
  • Roll a ball of risotto to the size of a golf ball. Roll your ball in the gluten free flour, then egg and then in the breadcrumbs.

  • When you've done this with all the rice place in the preheat oven for 15 min.