Easy to adopt sustainable living ideas for everyone

Posted by Leggero

Want to live a gentler life in a way that is kind to the planet and all beings in it? Same. We are all about the slow living lifestyle be it in the choices we make with our food, clothes or home. Living slower improves the quality of our lives in deeper ways that connect us better to the earth. It makes us appreciate things that might otherwise escape us. Here are a few ideas you might consider.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

There's nothing that will propel you to live slower than recycling. Paper, glass, plastic, clothing - all of it has another purpose if we are only prepared to look for it. Once you realise that a thing can have more uses than one it will become second nature to use glass jars as vases, plastic bottles as water carriers and cardboard boxes as storage. It simply means fewer things ending up in landfill.

Compost your food

Instead of throwing away your leftover food or things that may have gone past their sell-by date compost them. Many local authorities have facilities for composting food. If not you can create your own provided you have the space. The compost can then be used in your plants and garden.

Have your food and shopping delivered

Having your food delivered means fewer cars on the roads. It also means a single vehicle delivering to several households in the same area cutting down carbon emissions. Someone else picking your shopping also means you cannot buy things on impulse. This is easy on your pocket and better for the planet because it creates less waste.

Buy local

Be it food or fashion supporting local businesses boost local economies and support independent traders. It is also likely that you will be eating healthier or wearing something more ethical as these items are likely to have been home-made if not made closer to home. You'd also be supporting an entrepreneur or a family business grow.

If it's broke, fix it

Whilst it's tempting to throw away something when it's broken a more sustainable way of living would be to fix it. Sure, it might be cheaper or more convenient to simply replace it but that does nothing to help our planet. Watch a tutorial, ask for help or call up a friend. Whatever you do at least first try to fix it before it's discarded.

Turn off

Conserve energy at home by turning off switches. Leaving electricals on stand-by mode is a terrible waste of a limited resource. Turn everything off when not in use. Whilst it saves energy it will also save you money.

Fly less

Air travel is one of the biggest polluters in the world. If you have to fly to a destination to visit family or friends, offset your carbon by using local public transport. It's often cheaper, efficient and a wonderful way to connect to a place. Long train journeys on the continent in particular are a great way to experience a culture and explore a country.

There are of course a million other things we can all do to have a more sustainable life. However, Rome wasn't built in a day. So be patient with yourself and others and take small steps. Each one counts.