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GF Chestnut Papperdelle with Mushroom & Truffle Sauce

Fall in love with autumn! It’s the perfect time of year for hearty meals. We've put together this delicious Chestnut pappardelle bundle for you to enjoy.

Bundle includes: Fresh chestnut pappardelle pasta, mushroom and truffle sauce and Parsley olive oil. 

Vegetarian ✓ Gluten-free ✓ Organic 

Choose between single and double portions. 

Single: 150g chestnut pappardelle pasta , 110g mushroom and truffle sauce and Parsley olive oil. 

Double: 300g chestnut pappardelle pasta , 220g mushroom and truffle sauce and Parsley olive oil. 

Mushroom sauce ingredients: Wild mushroom, organic truffle paste, double cream (milk), olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley


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