How to have your cake and eat it

Posted by Leggero

Does cake and green juice go together? We think so. They fit together like coffee and cream. In life there should always be balance. Extreme lifestyles are challenging to maintain unless you're a pro-athlete. Pay attention to the small habits and the bigger ones will take care of themselves.


So, if you follow a restricted diet it does not in any way have to restrict your lifestyle.For example, if you've exclude gluten from your food there is no good reason why you'd have to give up the finer things in life. You know, important things like cakes, pastries or cookies.


Each day the Leggero bakery turns out the most tempting treats. That may appear at odds with our philosophy of healthy living and wellbeing. Not so. As we always maintain the middle path is the best one. Eating something you love shouldn't come attached with guilt.


So if temptation strikes don't run away from it. Instead indulge in our tiny sweet treats. You can tuck in to some light-as-air croissants with a cup of delicious coffee served at our Soho and MM premises. We have heavenly breakfast muffins made of apple and ricotta or strawberry and ricotta. You're hardly going to refuse them. And why should you?


Similarly, you might love our Baci di dama (hazelnut cookies) or krumiri (biscuits) with a coffee. If you'd rather savour them at home they're also available online for home delivery. The point is that whilst they might tempt you they're also made of superior ingredients by hand. Quite different to mass-produced fast food and frankly, a better alternative.


As we're talking all things sweet we may as well mention that our desserts have been known to steal the show. There's the Italian classic tiramisu, white chocolate cheesecake and everyone's favourite chocolate brownie that we've made especially for vegans. No one misses out when it comes to our sweet fancies. If you're having a dinner party simply place an order online and we will deliver them to you. Your guests are sure to be wowed.


We hope we've convinced you that there is no shame in enjoying something you love. It's not the Italian way and most certainly it is not the Leggero way. Life is for living and living well. Whilst we advise everything in moderation in the long run a little treat goes a long way to lifting our spirits. As for guilt, well everything we've just described is made with our own signature gluten-free flour. So we've removed all the worry out of them. Live, love and enjoy.